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LRTV is a not-for-profit Maine corporation funded in six ways:

  • Bridgton, Harrison, Naples and Sebago receive a cable franchise fee based upon 3% of gross subscriber revenues from the cable provider Adelphia and by vote at their annual Town Meetings earmark this all or a large portion of this fee for community access television.

  • Casco receives a cable franchise fee from the cable provide Time Warner and by vote at its annual Town Meeting appropriate a portion of this fee for community access television.

  • Lake Region TV has received funding for capital equipment purchases under the provisions of the renewed franchise agreements between the Towns of Bridgton, Harrison, Naples and Sebago and cable provider Adelphia.

  • Tape or DVD copies of most of our locally-produced programming are sold at a reasonable price.

  • Local businesses and non-profit organizations become LRTV underwriters, contributing a monthly amount toward our support while receiving special recognition on the Community Message Board or as a specific program underwriter.

  • LRTV has in the past produced for cablecast a summer and fall Lake Region Visitors’ Guide of area facts and history plus business underwriter recognition.

  • As a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Lake Region TV is able to receive tax deductible contributions of cash, goods, and services.

Most of our video production and some administrative functions are handled by non-paid volunteers. From January 2002 to August 2005, Lake Region TV employed a part-time paid administrative assistant who assisted the non-paid manager by running the office, handling bookkeeping including underwriter billing, cablecasting the evenings programming, making tape and DVD copies, updating the community message board and some program editing.  In August 2005, entered a new phase of its operation by hiring a full-time Station Manager who in addition to performing all of the fore-mentioned tasks will coordinate the volunteers and develop new funding sources.

In March 2000, we purchased a used 1991 Class C motorhome that was converted into a mobile control room for field productions of concerts, sporting and other events.  By late January 2001, we had completed the conversion and outfitting of the Field Production Truck, thanks in large part to a $40,000 grant received from the Kendel and Anna Ham Charitable Foundation. While most of the equipment installed in the production truck will be re-used, the vehicle itself will need to be replaced in either 2006 or 2007.

Since the spring of 2001, we have steadily made the transition to a digital tape format (Sony DVCAM) for field and studio acquisition, non-linear editing to DVDs, and cablecast of programming from DVDs.

Right click on the below link for more information on our past financial performance and current budget:

Budget.xls (In MS Excel Format)

Lake Region Television, 3 Chase Street, Bridgton, ME 04009 - Ph: (207) 647-8044


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